Some Downfalls of Dieting

The downfalls of dieting continue to climb. There are endless reasons why fad diets do not work. Here are some of the reasons why diets have a 95% failure rate:

  • Diets actually promote weight and fat gain. On average, people lose 100 pounds over their lifetime on diets, only to gain back 125 pounds. When you restrict calories, you do not “burn” fat for energy, you “burn” muscle. When you gain the weight back, you are gaining fat, not muscle. The result – you have become “fatter” by dieting.
  • Diets make you more efficient at storing calories in your fat cells
  • Diets slow down metabolism, making it more difficult to lose weight and easier to gain. As mentioned above, muscle mass is used for energy when you are on a diet. The less muscle and the more fat on your body, the lower your metabolism and caloric needs. The result – you need fewer calories to maintain your weight, and you gain weight twice as quickly.
  • Diets are negative, restricting, and depriving.
  • Diets are all or nothing – they cause you to either fast or binge, there is no in-between. You always crave and overeat those foods you restrict.
  • Diets are limited in essential nutrients and certain food groups.
  • Diets create a negative self-image. Remember, you are not a failure, the diet is a failure.
  • Diets are often promotional, selling a particular food product or supplement. (The real goal is to make your wallet thinner, not your body.)
  • Diets are temporary, they last two weeks or a month, not a lifetime
  • Diets do not focus on changing eating habits.
  • Diets either do not focus on regular exercise, or it is secondary to counting calories. (Exercise is #1).

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